The Golden Stallion was formed with a single goal in mind: to bring the ideas of dignity, social acceptance, and sophistication to the broader furry community. Styled after upscale resorts such as Hermitage and Hotel De Crillon, and providing an elegant international atmosphere, you will not find anywhere else like it in all the Metaverse.Since our inception we have strived to provide you, our esteemed Guest, with the highest level of service, satisfaction, respect, and respite from everyday concerns. Our grounds are beautiful, our staff world-class, and our community diverse, and we would be honored for you to consider us not just as friends, but as an escape.

The Golden Stallion
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Main Events

1pm dj wildberry-2pm dj bitch kit.-2pm dj strix2pm dj bunnie2pm dj shrimp bisc.
3pm board games4pm dj bunnie4pm dj shoshi4pm dj rudder.4pm dj bunnie4pm dj aorubis4pm dj steev
-6pm dj disco jack6pm dj rudder.6pm movie night6pm dj ghstsky6pm dj catslash-
-8pm dj steev---8pm dj spotty-fi-

all times are in slt and are subject to change

large events


Information coming soon! Stay tuned.